The UnSocial Society Club: Ajayi

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24, for five more days!

NYC and Oakland, CA

Top 3 items during social distancing:
My bike

Go-to comfort food:
Sesame tofu and popcorn

Drink of choice:
Coffee, preferably Cafe Bustelo

Favorite show:
The Bold Type

Favorite movie: 
Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service


Favorite Board Game:

App getting you through the times:

Go-to workout you can do in your home:
Zumba via YouTube

Place you can go to get out of your house without putting yourself at high risk:
My corner bodega (a huge s/o and thanks to them and all the other workers risking their own health to enable the rest of us to stay in and have the necessities during this crisis #notallheroeswearcapes)

Song on repeat:
“Dotted Line/Juju Man” by Labrinth

Book you’re reading:
We Have The Technology by Kara Platoni

Favorite Instagram to follow:
@pubity, it’s hilarious!

Your Instagram handle: