How to Give Back to Your Community Right Now

As we adjust to this new normal and settle in while we practice social distancing, we can still come together as a community through simple acts of kindness and donations. While schools are closing and the world is slowing down to prioritize our health and the well-being of others, we wanted to share ways you can provide for those who are impacted from the comfort of your home. Below, we’re highlighting eight ideas on how to help your community and people in need right now.

  • Without access to school meals, some children will lose a steady source of healthy food. Consider donating to Feeding America, which is continuing to work with food banks and school districts to ensure children in need have access to meals. $1 can provide at least 10 meals for families in need.
  • Support your local food banks. Use this link to find a food bank near you.
  • Give to your local museums and art centers.
  • Consider shopping locally for your groceries—many small markets are stocked with goods while bigger stores are being cleared out.
  • Buy gift cards online to local restaurants and even local shops to spend at a later date.
  • Check in with elderly family members or neighbors (if you have their phone numbers). Offer to pick up essentials for them if you’re already heading to the store.
  • Avoid being greedy at the grocery store. It’s pretty simple—get your necessities but don’t overdo it, and remember to save supplies for others.
  • Contact your local homeless shelters to find out what they are most in need of, and donate accordingly.
  • For those wanting to donate so that A Sense Of Home can meet the epic demand once the emergency passes, please donate here and if you would like to sponsor a home, please email

How are you helping your community during this pandemic? Share and inspire us in the comments on Instagram.