The UnSocial Society Club: Lisa

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Aurora, CO

Your top 3 items during social distancing
My roommate – We are communicating like we are on Love is Blind in the pods
My journal – I want to remember what I was thinking and feeling during baby’s first pandemic- so far it’s me writing over and over “You don’t have it, chill”
My phone- So I can FaceTime my Mom every hour on the hour to make sure she’s in the house

Go-to comfort food
Toast with jelly, or honey, or peanut butter on top depending on mood (not all at the same time)

Your drink of choice

Favorite show
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, because Morgan Freeman explaining God to me is what I need at a time like this. But give me all the history/nature shows. I appreciate the reminder that earth and people have been here, surviving natural disasters, pandemics, wars etc.

Favorite movie
Queen and Slim


Favorite board game

App getting you through the times

Go-to workout you can do in your home

Place you can go to get out of your house without putting yourself at high risk
Walk around my neighborhood, as long as I don’t see any dogs, than social distancing/stranger danger what? “What’s his name? Can I touch him? Let me know if you need a sitter, I live right there”

Song on repeat
Jay Electronica’s album

Book you’re reading
Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh

Favorite Instagram to follow

Your Instagram handle