The Weekend Edition: Ajayi

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Name, age, hometown, occupation?

Ajayi, 22, from Oakland, CA, but now living in New York City. I am a clinical research coordinator!

Source: Mount Sinai

What were your original plans for the weekend as of Friday afternoon? Did any fall through?


My mom was in town for the weekend, so we originally had plans to go to the movies and see Kingsman: The Golden Circle and then get our nails done. However, we ended up just staying in and watching this interesting movie on demand called Regression. I am not sure if I would recommend it as it was a bit satanic, but it had Emma Watson in it!

I also wanted to go grocery shopping this weekend as I have been trying to make more meals at home. Eating out in New York is so incredibly expensive, so most of the time, I try to meal prep. I’m vegetarian so I try to find recipes I like and then order groceries online through Fairway Market. I live in Harlem, so there is one walking distance from me. They have been adding delivery fees, so I have been attempting to shop in-person as much as possible.

On Sunday, I went to a Hatha Yoga class at New York Sports Club, my gym. It was a cool class because our yoga teacher focused on challenging poses and pushed us to try new cool-looking ones (safely, of course).

Source: Yoga Sampler

How much money did you spend?

$60 just for groceries!

Were you happy with how your weekend turned out? Was there anything you wish you did?

I am pretty content with how my weekend turned out. The only thing I wish I would have done is taken a walk in Central Park. The weather has been gorgeous out: it’s finally getting cool and the leaves are changing. Fresh air is always a plus! Yet, I’m not too worried because I know I have all of October to take as many walks as I can.

Source: Time Out New York

Any fun plans for next weekend?

As of right now, some of my friends and I are making plans to go out next weekend. One of my friends likes to throw warehouse parties in Brooklyn, so I think we will be doing that Friday or Saturday. I do not hang out much in Brooklyn as I have a decent amount of friends in Harlem. We tend to hang out and go out in Harlem more!

Your recommendation for the best spot on the weekends?


There is this really fun place called Corner Social. It is a bar/restaurant that converts into a club after a certain time on the weekends. On Fridays, I usually opt to get drinks with friends and then grab dinner. On Saturdays, we just stay through the evening to party! It is a great way to meet people around Harlem as the crowd is usually young and local.

Source: Chocolat Harlem

There are also great brunch places in Harlem as most restaurants serve Southern-influenced food. There’s a place called Chocolat that I would recommend for brunch. Their omelettes are delicious and their French toast is pretty great as well!
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