Get Your S@#! Together!

It’s the 1st of October and you already are remembering all the New Year’s resolutions you tried to keep and failed to do so. Don’t lose hope, though! Here is our weekend roundup of the articles you need to get your life in order:


1/     Man Repeller, How to Stop an Anxiety Attack

“Sometimes my brain feels a broken record, stuck on a loop of concerns that I’m supposed to have already resolved. So, in honor of our month of mental health, here are several strategies for combatting mental spirals and the best part is they can all be done from the comfort (or discomfort) of our own brains. Next time you feel yourself circling, see if one, some or all of these might help you straighten out.”


2/     goop, The Antidote to Being Spread Too Thin

“How do we spend our lives doing what matters most to us, with the people who are most important to us? And how do we cut out all the other nonsense that seemingly fills our days? Here are some Essentialist strategies that we can all implement for greater personal fulfillment, along with poignant lessons of writer, teacher, business thinker and consultant, Greg McKeown, as learned from studying Silicon Valley (and beyond) for improving individual function at work, and even at the whole-company level.”


3/     MyDomaine, The Secret for How to Deal With Stress at Work 

“There’s nothing worse than being at the office and having panic strike—a presentation you forgot to prepare for is in 10 minutes, you hit send on an email that never should have gone out, your coworker is just not playing nice, or maybe you’re just in over your head. Regardless, these situations are all reasons you need to learn how to deal with stress at work so you feel adequately prepared. Here are six ways to deal with stress at work!”


4/     Taste The Style, The Epidemic Called Pretty: My Love Letter to Feminism

“I mean we all know the definition of pretty, but with a world of diversity and different interests and disinterests, whose criteria are we actually even basing prettiness on? If you ask me women are far too different to compare or categorize — an apple is an apple, an orange is an orange, how could anyone compare the two? Let’s honestly think about that, how can we have a definitive standard when personal preference comes into play?”