Hello to 2019!

Life happens.

You know, you started your blog, but then… things got crazy. Finals took over, you went on vacation, you had a family emergency and things just blew up.

In the midst of it all, your blog hasn’t seen a new post in months.

What I’ve described above can only aptly be called the last two months of 2018 for me. Sometimes, when life really happens, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to understand that everything happens for a reason and that things will get better.

So yesterday, before the familiar feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, hopelessness and despair washed over me, I decided to make a list of all the good things I did in 2018 that made my life more full than before:

  1. I behaved in healthy ways towards my body. I ate good food and learned how to maintain a healthy diet without starving or depriving myself of indulgence.
  2. I exercised regularly every other day and made sure to be active throughout the day even when I had to study and work at a cubicle.
  3. I spent quality time with friends I love! I no longer force myself to hang out with people because of FOMO and am conscientious of the time I spend with other people.
  4. I got to see my family both in the states and abroad and was actively better about keeping in touch through Facetime or speaking over the phone.
  5. I worked hard in grad school and at my internship and was able to balance both even though some days were harder than others.

These were only a few of the things on my list, but I wrote these here because these were things in college I never imagined ever doing. I never thought I would maintain a healthy diet, be able to juggle an internship and classes, have a solid friend circle, etc. A lot of us prevent our own success by our own fears and self-limiting thoughts.

Besides 2019 being another year to scream “New year, new me” from the rooftops, I believe this is the year where we should cut out all the noise. Focus on becoming your best self and making the best of life! Life is short and the best moments are always fleeting. My resolution for 2019 is to be more present in my life this year, amongst other things! However, I think this is a good place to start 🙂


What are your New Year’s resolutions this year?