10 Ways To Stay Healthy On Vacation (Without Sacrificing Fun)

You’ve been hitting the hottest workout classes, eating right, and drinking water – all in preparation for your week-long beach getaway. While you certainly deserve some good ol’ R&R, as well as that giant Mai Tai, you also don’t want to undo all your hard work. Plus your health isn’t a diet plan – it’s a lifestyle! Sure, you (hopefully) won’t find a SoulCycle anywhere near your exotic oasis, but there are plenty of simple ways to stay mindful on vacation without sacrificing fun. After all, you’ve still got plenty of rooftop pools to hit in that new bikini when you get back to the city.

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Start Your Day Right.

Listen, we’re all for a breakfast in bed moment (how else are you supposed to casually show off your luxe hotel room on Insta?), but rather than that giant pile of pancakes, opt for some fresh fruit, whole grain toast, and eggs. A healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day – you don’t want to experience a sugar crash while scuba diving. Plus a high-protein morning meal will keep you fuller for longer, so you won’t mindlessly grab something to snack on while you’re out and about.

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Keep Your Hotel Room Cool.

Enjoy the warm weather all you want during waking hours, but when it’s time to hit the hay, hit that thermostat beforehand. Sleeping in a cooler room is perhaps the easiest way to maintain a healthy body weight. Studies show that 66 degrees is the ideal temperature when it comes to increasing the body’s “brown fat,” which amps up metabolism and uses stores of energy to produce heat.

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Go Grocery Shopping.

Eating out every meal not only racks up dollars – it racks up calories, too. If you can hit a grocery store, stock up on some healthy bites to keep in the mini fridge. Better yet, if your hotel room has a kitchen, DIY a few lunches or dinners to keep your portions (and your credit card bill) in check.

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Bring Snacks.

A full day of exploring (or frolicking on the beach) is sure to work up your appetite. Rather than reaching for something you may regret later (or worse, staying hungry), bring along wholesome snacks like nuts or veggies to keep you moving.

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Enjoy The Natural Scenery.

If there’s ever a time to take your workout outside, this is it. Slather on some sunscreen (important!) and go for a jog along the beach, or a hike through the tropical rain forest. Why not enjoy the natural beauty of a place while getting in your sweat sesh?

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Or Make Use of That Hotel Gym.

Most hotels and resorts feature all-access gyms included with your stay. If you’re really craving the elliptical, pop in for 30 minutes every morning. We mean, you’re already technically paying for it.

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Go For A Swim.

How could you resist the crystal clear waters of the ocean or that infinity pool? Take a dip and go for a swim. Nobody said your “workout” had to feel like one.

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Pay for Active Experiences.

So many fun, vacation-worthy activities will actually have you getting physical. Book a surf lesson! Go scuba diving! Learn how to hula dance!

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Choose Your Indulgences.

Whether you’d prefer to sample the local cuisine or the local cocktails, allow yourself the opportunity to indulge on your trip. Just make sure to plan ahead. Stick to healthy meals if you want to drink your weight in pina coladas by the pool, or limit your sugary alcohol intake if you plan on eating a five course dinner with no regrets. It’s all about balance, people.

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Stay Hydrated.

Even if you’re surrounded by it on all sides, it’s easy to forget to drink your water. But we all know the first rule of fit club: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Especially if you plan on day-drinking under the sun. Heat plus alcohol could be a dangerous combo, so sipping on plenty of water throughout the day will not only keep you slim – it may also keep you from passing out. That’s the kind of crazy vacation story you don’t want to tell.