Midweek Muses

he weather has been bipolar, you lost the will to cook after having another long weekend and you may be getting the flu. Shit happens. From an app to help you post-break up to a new curated gift for the dudes in your life, here are my midweek muses to keep you busy till the weekend:

Know What The Critics Think

You can now supercharge your browser-based Netflix experience with the Chrome extension NEnhancer. Once installed, this extension adds valuable information to Netflix listings. When you hover your pointer over a title, instead of just a synopsis and its star rating, you’ll also get IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and options to view the show’s trailer.

Help! I don’t know what gift to get!

Enter Hawthorne. Launched by Phil Wong, a designer and creative consultant for Hood By Air, and Brian Jeong, a product manager for BCG Digital Ventures, Hawthorne is a new fragrance/fragrance-buying service that eliminates the hassle by letting the pros do everything for you. Using biometric and lifestyle data collected from the platform’s online customer survey, seasoned perfumers craft two completely bespoke fragrances meant for both formal (“WORK”) and casual (“PLAY”) environments. Easy enough, right? I recently ordered it for my brother for his birthday and he loved it!

We broke up.

Anyone who’s been through a bad breakup has experienced the symptoms: talking about it incessantly to friends, obsessively checking an ex’s social media posts, or trying to run into them accidentally on purpose.  But Mend, an app that aims to be a “personal trainer for heartbreak,” wants to help you avoid those mistakes and move forward with your life. Ellen Huerta created the app after going through a breakup herself, according to The New York Times. Huerta is more than the founder, though — she is also Elle, the soothing voice within the app that guides you through your breakup. You’ll learn how to move forward, with topics like “detoxing” from your ex; redefining your sense of self — even how to get a better night’s sleep!

That’s all I have for you guys today! Check back this weekend to see what surprise I’ll be unveiling!