The Weekend Roundup

ll too often, we spend the workweek looking forward to the weekend, then eventually end up idling away our days off once they arrive. And while it’s encouraged to use your weekend for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, it’s also nice to go into it with a plan—or at least have activities in your arsenal that you can rely on if ever you find yourself at a loss for things to do.

However, I am not here to give you ideas of what to plan or what to do. Instead, I’m here to be real with you about how this week seemed to DRAG on forever, but here we are: it’s finally the weekend! Below are some things that have been putting me in a good mood since the beginning of February.  Comment what you guys have been up to as well! I love to hear what everybody is doing these days 🙂

  • BBC Asian Network – Spotify is great and I usually do monthly playlists, but I rediscovered BBC Asian Network radio station and it has changed my life! It is live from London all day every day and you can listen either through the TuneIn app or just go to their website through your phone’s internet browser. They play a great mix of Top 40, Bollywood, Bhangra, British Asian underground music, Dancehall, Latin and hot-and-upcoming South Asian artists from around the world. The commentary of the DJs are hilarious and always make DC commutes bearable.

  • Glossier Solution – I finally caved and bought this because I started getting awful redness due to winter blues and thought I would try something new. It definitely has made my skin softer and clearer. I have noticed a bit more freckling, but perhaps I just need to use more sunscreen? Will keep y’all updated.

  • KIND Pressed Bars – In June, I will have been working for KIND for 3 years! Time has been flying and I recently caved and finally tried one of our lines that started last year. The pressed bars are made with real fruit (up to 2 servings of fruit in each bar) and are an easy way to make sure you are eating healthy on the go. I was never a huge fan of the fruit leather texture in those old Trader Joe’s snacks, but the Pressed bars are incredibly addictive. We also just started Dark Chocolate Pressed bars, so check out your local Target or Whole Foods to grab them for Valentine’s Day!

  • There are also always a great mix of places to go grab drinks and food in the city, so here are my top picks so far for February! Where does everyone else like to eat? Hit me up in the comments!

That’s all I got for you guys this week, but stay tuned for more great things coming to Another Long Weekend next week. Happy weekend, folks!