The Weekend Edition: Nidhi

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Naomi: Name, age, hometown, occupation?

Nidhi, 22, McLean, VA, Sales and Marketing Management Development Trainee for Hilton

Naomi: What do you want to be when you grow up? 😉

Nidhi: I haven’t gotten that far yet… I see myself working for Hilton in their corporate office doing something with marketing. 

Source: Eater DC

Naomi: What were your original plans for the weekend? Did any fall through?

Nidhi: Currently I live in Chicago, but this weekend I flew back to my hometown of McLean to attend my dad’s launch party for his new cookbook, Rasika. I flew back Friday night and landed at 12:30AM EST, so I just crashed when I got home. 

Saturday was a full day of events. I attended the first launch party at Rasika West End, which was a huge book signing event. It was great to see my dad signing his first cookbook and interacting with his restaurant-goers. Then, I went to Georgetown University to see my brother’s dorm and we went to All Purpose for a late lunch. I had never been before, so it was great to try a new pizza place that has always been highly rated. I’m a huge foodie and I love to try different places and try interesting foods. Definitely go there and get their garlic knots and Salem pizza! 


I have a lot of friends from college that currently live in the DC area, so I went out with them Saturday night. We went to Hawthorne on U Street, which is always a favorite. I love their rooftop!

Sunday was eventful too. You came to visit me at home!! It’s always great to catch up with you and talk about the random drama things happening in our lives. We’ve been going strong since 8th grade, so always a good time seeing my gal. Later, I had to go to the other launch party for my dad’s cookbook, which was at Rasika in Penn Quarter this time. This was also another great event, with great drinks and food. After, we went out to dinner at Bombay Club, which is a very traditional Indian restaurant and has been open for quite some time. It’s in the same restaurant group as my dad’s restaurant, so it’s always great to try other restaurants in the same group.
Overall, it was a pretty busy weekend, but I had a blast. 

Naomi: How much money did you spend this weekend?

Nidhi: Overall, I spent around $400. This covered my flight, food, and drinks at the bars. 

Source: The Hawthorne DC

Naomi: Were you happy with how your weekend turned out?

NidhiI’m extremely happy with how my weekend turned out. I loved being in town to support my dad at the events and it was great to catch up with friends. 

Naomi: Any fun plans for next weekend?

Nidhi: I’ll be back in Chicago, so probably trying out a new restaurant or bar in Chi-town.

Source: Joy District

Naomi: Your recommendation for the best spot on the weekends?

Nidhi: If it’s DC, then U Street or DuPont are really fun areas for bars. Brixton, Hawthorne, and Cafe Citron are some good places to go. For food, obviously Rasika. Clyde’s and Le Diplomate are some of my favorites too. 

If it’s Chi Town, River North and Old Town have some great bars. Joy District is always a favorite. Regarding food, anything in the West Loop is amazing. Girl and the Goat is a must try! 
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