Answering All The Questions!

Thank you to all my readers out there who make Another Long Weekend great πŸ™‚ When I decided to revamp my blog and start writing again in July, I was quite unsure whether people would even care to read it. However, I am so glad I pushed through because reading your comments, emails and messages on Instagram is what keeps me going! So thank you again for sticking with me πŸ™‚

I thought I’d consolidate frequently asked questions to this post and see what more you guys want to see in the future. There are a lot of great things coming before the year wraps up, but without your input, it does not matter. Feel free to comment on this post or email me at!

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What are your favorite artists to listen to?

The 1975, Marc E. Bassy, Mac Miller and, of course, Drake πŸ˜‰ Follow me on Spotify here to see what I have on repeat each month

How do you balance work, school and a life?

LOL, let me know when you find out the secret. Just kidding! It is all about balance. You cannot do it all in one day, but you sure can prioritize your time and try your best. Don’t give up after a bad day: plan for a better one tomorrow.

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Where do you shop for clothes?

My favorite places to shop are Madewell, Zara, Anthropologie and ~Marshall’s~

Only makeup or only hair?

I air dry my hair these days and don’t really wear makeup, but I’d probably say only hair.

Favorite restaurants/cafes in DC?

  1. Rasika
  2. Emissary
  3. Duke’s Grocery
  4. Bar Deco
  5. Le Diplomate
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Best book you ever read?

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Where can we read your other writing?

On Medium!

Favorite type of workout?

That’s too hard! It’s a three way tie among spinning, HIIT and Zumba.

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Where are you on social media?

Instagram: @anotherlongweekend or @nsnaik


Twitter: @naomisnaik


Thank you all for your continued support and comment for what you want to see more of in the future or email at! Have a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚