Happy Hour Hotline

There’s never been a more appropriate time to indulge in your guiltiest pleasures. Fat Tuesday was this week and Lent started on Wednesday, which means the window of time to indulge in the…

Satellite Room

The combination of alcohol and milkshakes might just be one of the guiltiest pleasures of all. Head over to Satellite Room between 5pm and 8pm and order one of their signature boozy milkshakes and indulge away. Order something sweet like the cinnamon toast punch (vanilla ice cream, old overholt rye whiskey, and cinnamon toast crunch) or try something different with the a.c. slater (avocado with Jose Cuervo tequila).

Red Apron Burger Bar

What’s a guilty pleasure without some grease? Swing by Red Apron Burger Bar between 4pm and 6pm and enjoy deals on a variety of their signature draft brews and indulge in greasy pleasures like the chili cheese fries or the trifecta (a double beef patty and chorizo patty topped off with bacon braised onions, tomato aioli, and white American cheese).


Why not pretend you’re on an island vacation to forget about all the guilt you’re feeling? Archipelago offers deals on tropical themed drinks like the pineapple of hospitality (filled with rum and secrets, and serves two people) and TI punch (cane sugar, lime, rhum agricole). While you’re there, don’t forget to indulge some food guilt and order one of their ham and cheese sliders made with King Hawaiian rolls, the guiltiest of bread pleasures.

Art and Soul

What’s a guilty pleasure without some fried food? Art and Soul offers deals on wine, beer, cocktails, and fried treats. Order the fried pickled green tomatoes, pork rinds, or cheesy smoke pig fries for added guilt.


If you’re looking for fun food combinations and cheap drinks to indulge this guilt season, pop over to Commissary. From 3pm to 7pm, munch on buffalo mac & cheese or truffled popcorn while downing as many $2 draft beers as you can. Only so much time left to get all those guilty pleasures in.