Chai, Crafts and Conversation


My mom and I made the trek out to Dupont today (after moving in to my new apartment!!) to check out Pansaari, a neighborhood gem highlighted in Brightest Young Things’s Indian Food Guide.  Described as “the closest you will come to a chaikhaana in D.C,” the beautiful cafe/market has a menu that will make you miss your nani’s masala chai and your papa’s elusive Indian snacks.


If you need some masala or dal to impress your roommates with a nice homecooked meal, check out their vast array of spices and lentils. They also have fresh ghee and yogurt, necessities for anyone who knows good food.


In India, a “pansaari” is a specialty spice grocer; a fixture of the community. The pansaari knows customers by name, remembers spice blends unique to their family kitchens, offers advice on healthy ways to use produce of the season, and suggests the use of spices for common everyday ailments.

And that’s how you feel when you walk in: appreciated and known. With cooking classes and sometimes even Hindi lessons, Pansaari may just be your new way of learning more about your heritage, or a new culture in general.


Lastly, if you just want a beautiful space with artifacts, wish list furniture and some great cafe finds, Pansaari is your latest DC favorite you just have not visited yet!

*All opinions are my own and not affiliated with Pansaari in any way*


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