Throwback (Tuesday): Amtrak Edition

I am still in awe of my New York Trip for Her Conference! I cannot believe I finally got to take Amtrak too because I never realized how convenient it was!

So I personally got to Union Station quite early as I drove directly from my summer class. Union Station is pretty easy to navigate. I went directly down to where the gates were and just waited in a seating area for one of my friends. Everything is very orderly. They post the train departure times about 30 minutes before the train arrives. Once I met up with my friend, we found some of the other Her Campus girls and were able to board the train together! There was so much space around the seats to stretch my legs and put my bags. We all talked and bonded for about the first hour or two before we all fell asleep and rested for our seemingly short journey.

The ride itself was about 3.5 hours, a change from the sometimes six hour long drives on the weekend I have taken with friends and family. I think that because of DC traffic, taking Amtrak is a great way to visit NYC for the weekend and not waste so much time traveling. And you’re completely stocked on the train! You don’t have to worry about not bringing water bottles or your favorite “more than 3 oz” moisturizer, as you have to on the plane. They also have great food on the train, which everybody loved and enjoyed (because 20 year-olds are always hungry).

All in all, I am so thankful Her Campus and Amtrak came together to give us such a wonderful trip! Although I am not taking the train for my vacation next week, I will definitely be taking Amtrak once school starts to visit my friends in New York this Fall!