February Necessities

Another month has come and gone, but for the month of affection and romance, there were a lot of things we loved.

Here’s what I found myself eating, drinking, carrying, wearing, and decorating my apartment with all February long.


There were many special events this February, but I still stuck to my favorites to get me through the long nights and early mornings. Special shout out to the Rare Beauty concealer for making me look my best on my brother’s birthday, staying in place for almost 12 hours!


Although it would be amazing to wear a new outfit everyday, the reality is that it’s neither sustainable nor affordable (LOL). Thankfully, I bought a few pieces in the fall that I have been mixing and matching with other closet staples to get me excited to go out, even if it’s below 10 degrees outside.


This month, I eased into a damp February after a dry January, which meant being very focused on how much water I was drinking, what vitamins I was taking, and what I was eating. One of my 2023 resolutions is also to be more intentional about getting to bed earlier, so making sure I take my melatonin every night has been key.


This category had one big splurge: my second monitor. As I think about my goals for the year, I wanted to focus more on my passion projects and also saving my eyesight when I work from home. I read quite a few raving reviews about this particular monitor to connect to my work laptop, my personal one, and eventually use as a TV wherever I end up next.