Excellent Gifts You Can Order On Amazon Last Minute

The holidays are prime time for our put-it-off tendencies to get us into hot water — especially in 2020 when dashing into our neighborhood boutique and scooping up presents to dole out in person might not be an option. If you find yourself faced with the prospect of gift shopping exclusively online this year and sending gifts to friends or family you won’t be seeing IRL, then you probably already know that the “guaranteed delivery” clock is a-ticking. Luckily, there’s Amazon: the reliable dot-com that’s ready to bail us out in last-minute shipment snafus.The thought of floundering through the site’s vast product offerings can give the savviest shoppers among us the cold sweats — but, never fear because we’ve been hard at work. After studying the best of Amazon’s most unique gifting material, we know exactly where you should look to find the absolute gems: ahead. Click on to shop our favorite gifts that will reach your favorite recipients.

Amazon Essentials Polar Fleece Lined Sherpa Quarter-Zip Jacket

Fleece is IN, so bless a giftee with this very cozy sherpa pullover in an on-trend leopard-print style.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you love a coffee snob, it can be intimidating to gift them with gear — they probably have all the gewgaws they could ever need. However, they may have overlooked this highly useful piece: a highly-intelligent (and highly-sleek) mug to keep their favorite brew pipin’ hot all day long.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

A little foncy hand balm by the super-luxe skincare staple Aesop goes a long way with the right giftee. This pricey tube is filled with a nourishing blend of mandarin-rind, rosemary-leaf, and cedar-atlas botanicals that’s amassed quite the cult following (who swear by it as a hand-and-cuticle healer that smells beautiful and lasts all day).

Beach Cottage Candle - Salty Ocean Air Candle | Homesick

Homesick Beach Cottage Candle

A sweet lil’ scent that will make your giftee’s stay-at-home situation smell like “Salty ocean air with hot sand under foot” along with “Afternoon tides leave driftwood, seaweed and conch shells scattered along the shore” — to be very specific.

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Buffy Cloud Comforter

The eco-friendly, cult-favorite comforter that allegedly feels like a “cloud” is available on Amazon AND will arrive in time for Christmas — so whoever you gift it to can snuggle up inside its layers of insanely soft and hypoallergenic eucalyptus fibers post unwrapping all those prezzies.

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YETI Rambler Mug

With over 30,000 reviews and a 4.8-out-of-5-star rating, this unassuming travel mug has quite the fan following. YETI’s stainless-steel and vacuum-insulated wares are beloved far and wide for their reliable durability and unfussy design synonymous with all things outdoorsy — all this goes to say, they make A+ gifts.

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Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

A top-rated ultrasonic diffuser crafted from aesthetically-pleasing stone ceramic in a terracotta hue is a soothing self-care gift that anyone will appreciate.

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Donpapa Memory Foam Fluffy Slippers

Slippers make for an excellent gift — but, this year, why not say goodbye to the fusty plaid look and opt for a bestselling pair crafted from very fluffy materials and cloud-like memory foam soles?