First Date Ideas during Coronavirus

Even though some states have already begun making plans to reopen, the majority of the country remains in lockdown. Experts predict some form of social distancing will be in effect at least through the summer. And for single people, self-quarantine offers a particularly specific wrinkle — how does one date when you’re supposed to stay six feet away from people not in your household?

It’s something that seems insurmountable — dating requires a level of physicality, right? Or at least the opportunity to see one another face-to-face. But dating during this time actually provides a unique opportunity to think outside of your typical toolbox.

In Maria Del Russo’s book, “Simple Acts of Love,” she lists off unique ways to show your partner that you care about them in ways both big and small. The book encourages people to be creative with their acts of love. You can apply the same type of exceptional thought to your dates that happen from at least six feet apart.

Ahead, find 11 out-of-the-box ways to come together while staying safely apart.

Order the same takeout and have a Zoom dinner

Get the experience of dining out at your favorite restaurant from the comfort of your own home. Order your meal from your local restaurant, and get the same meal delivered to your date. Light some candles, fire up Zoom, and get to know one another while sharing the same food.

Watch a movie using Netflix Party

If you’re this far into quarantine and you haven’t tried Netflix Party, the time is now. This browser extension allows you and your date to watch movies at the same and chat about it in your browser. Plus, a movie selection says a lot about a person.

Take an online class together

There are so many digital classes being offered — from pasta making to mixology. Choose a class that you’ve always wanted to take and have you and your date sign up at the same time. Or, if you’re pretty good at a skill yourself, why not use the opportunity to teach your date over video chat?

Go on a virtual museum tour

Multiple museums are now offering virtual tours, from the Louvre in Paris to the San Francisco Museum of Art. You can pick an exhibit you’ve already seen and want to share with your date or one that is new to you both.

Play a game online

Have your own mini game night, even if you can’t actually be across a table from one another. Tabletopia is an online platform that allows you to play classic board games with anyone, anywhere.

Work out online together

Sweating over a workout is a great way to get your heart rate up with your date. Plenty of boutique studios have moved online, so check local businesses for their schedules. There are also plenty of free classes on YouTube.

Enjoy a boozy drag brunch

Grab mimosas and settle in for a drag brunch, hosted by one of the many queens from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” They’ve taken their shows digital, so you can laugh and booze from the comfort of your own home. Check this website to see when the next show is, make some pancakes, and watch with your date.

Belt it out with some digital karaoke

YouTube is jam-packed full of karaoke-style videos. So why not do your very own karaoke date? Fire up Zoom with your date and pick songs for one another. And since you’re alone in your house, you can sing as loudly — and badly — as you want.

‘Go’ to a podcast recording

Plenty of podcasts, like the Moth and the Rewatchables, are recording the taping of their episodes and uploading them to their YouTube channels. So even though you can’t physically go to a podcast recording, you can watch your favorite podcasts online together. Just find your favorite and watch over video chat.

Visit the zoo

Love animals? Why not check out some of the animal cams that zoos are offering up? The Atlanta Zoo has its live panda cam, while the Houston zoo is offering everything from elephant cams to giraffe feeding cams.

Have a wine tasting

This one requires a lot of organizing but is worth it. Have you and your date pick up three bottles of wine — one you choose, one they choose, and then one random bottle you’ve never tried before. (If your liquor stores don’t have the same stock, try a website like Drizzly for delivery.) Then, stock up on some cheese, crackers and other snacks. Break open the bottles together for your very own wine tasting over video chat. Not into wine? This also works for beer, whiskey or any other spirit you’re into.