The UnSocial Society Club: Aruna

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Your top 3 items during social distancing: 
1. My laptop – so that I can work, read medical articles, catch up on Grey’s Anatomy (oops guilty as charged!) and play multiplayer Pictionary with my friends who are halfway across the world (Although at this point, it doesn’t matter if someone is on another continent or in the other room haha).
2. My daily cup of cumin and lemon tea.
3. Umm…is it terrible that I don’t actually need anything else? haha

Go-to comfort food:
A plate of vegetable lasagna

Your drink of choice:
Iced Almond Milk Macchiatos

Favorite show:
There’re way too many! Riverdale, House MD, How To Get Away with Murder, Fleabag, Mindhunter, to name a few.

Favorite movie:
Lost in Translation


Favorite board game:


App getting you through the times:


Go-to workout you can do in your home:

HIIT Cardio workouts and Flow Yoga 

Place you can go to get out of your house without putting yourself at high risk:

The roof. Has a half-decent view of the city and it’s always secluded and peaceful.

Song on repeat:

Almost any song by The Lumineers

Book you’re reading:

Outline by Rachel Cusk 

Favorite Instagram to follow:

@47giraffes (cause she’s such a ray of sunshine and her posts are getting me through this lull before Residency begins)

Your Instagram handle: