Making Before-Work Plans

Living near your friends was awesome in college, but now, with everyone’s busy schedules, you probably barely see anyone. It’s not that we don’t want to, but many work schedules are polar-opposite and some people are often out of town on the weekend. Sometimes, I feel like the friends who are only a mile away might as well have been a thousand. When we do catch-up, it is almost always over the phone. Over the past few months though, I’ve seen the shift of people beginning to make before-work plans. At least once a week, friends would meet up to walk around their work neighborhood, go to a yoga class, or grab breakfast. The shift has been such a success, I’ve come to prefer it over after-work plans, and have been suggesting early bird hangouts to more and more friends as a “drinks after work” alternative. Here’s why I’m all about before-work plans:

1. You’re less likely to cancel

I’m sure that every person reading this has made plans at one point or another, then canceled after a grueling day. (If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, I am truly impressed!) Flaking-out is far less likely to happen in the morning. You’re still fresh, and, to be honest, there’s less time to weigh the pros and cons of whether you have the energy to make it. Just hop out of bed and go!

2. It’s a great way to kick-off the day

I’m a huge believer that your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Even an early ten-minute meditation can positively impact your afternoon. Now imagine what an hour laughing and catching-up with a friend can do. It’s truly the best way to start a day, even if you’re meeting a coworker for a quick coffee before heading to your desk.

3. It’s less expensive (or free!)

In my experience, morning activities are about half the price of evening activities. An average breakfast in DC hovers around $6, compared to $16 for a dinner entrée, and a coffee is $4 compared to an $8 happy hour cocktail. More often than not, our morning activities are completely free. It is super easy to even bring coffee from home and walk around downtown or even go to a free yoga class hosted at a new studio.

4. So many great activities are “morning” activities

Invite a friend over for quiche and coffee instead of dinner! Go for a sunrise hike! Offer to buy them breakfast in exchange for them taking photos for the blog you write for! (Okay, this one’s kind of specific…). Sign up for an English Literature class on EdX and use a morning each week for “class” (something we’d never have the energy for in the evening). The options are just as varied, if not more, than the evening. Speaking of which…

5. It frees up your evenings

I thrive from community. Similar to exercise, I’m happiest when I see a friend every day, even if for a quick get-together or walk (made easier by the fact that I work near some of my closest friends). When I see friends first thing, my evenings feel more flexible—I can either make spontaneous plans, or spend the evening reading solo or go to my favorite exercise classes offered in the evening.


What do you like about morning plans? Comment below!