ALW’s Five Guys Q.2: To DTR or Nah?

ALW’s advice column panel of Five Guys answer readers’ questions about the sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, always engrossing subject of modern relationships. Your questions will be kept anonymous, unless you wish them not to be, and more importantly, this will be a safe space to work through your own concerns about relationships in the modern era. Ask your question here!

I’m a senior in college and started hooking up with this guy about four months ago. He was in one of my classes during the summer when we were both in town. He sometimes hints that he wants to see where this will go, but most of the time when we hang out, we only hook up. I could see us together, but am also trying to move out of the area and be closer to home after graduation. I am not sure whether it is worth it to put in the effort. Should I bring it up and just see where it goes or just let this fizzle out?

First it’s important that you sort out your own feelings. It seems that you’re conflicted upon trying it or just letting it die when graduation occurs. Once you have your feelings and thoughts sorted out, then you can possibly bring it up to him when he hints at it again. It seems that you both might have the same thought process regarding where to take this “fling” to, so if you’re solidified in your thought process, it’ll be easier to have a productive conversation with him. ~ P

P is 23 years old and recently moved to Boston. “I love watching the Patriots play while enjoying Boston’s love for food and drinks.”

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