Another Long Weekend’s Five Guys

As a new series begins on Another Long Weekend, I thought I would write about the sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, always engrossing subject of modern relationships.  When I first began my blog, my hopes were to answer questions, tell stories and give advice. I have often steered away from telling stories of my own in hopes not to characterize ALW as the musings of one person. ALW is a home for everyone: no matter what age, single, married, or of unknown relationship status, and from anywhere. So it was only a matter of time before a dating advice column would find its place here. This weekend, I spoke to many friends and asked them what is modern love? How do we all navigate an already unknown space with the addition of digital communication and apps solely for the basis of finding someone with whom to hook up or start a life?

We can take advice from whomever we choose, but at the end of the day, sometimes our peers tend to shed light in the best way possible. And that’s how Five Guys came about. Five of your peers, fellow readers of ALW, will answer your questions every week and advise both the lovesick and the lovewell, championing a belief in romance throughout! Your questions will be kept anonymous, unless you wish them not to be, and more importantly, this will be a safe space to work through your own concerns about relationship in the modern era.

Ask your questions here!