Three Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Y ou work hard and get sh** done even when it feels impossible. But, hustling at work can have a serious toll on your sanity, and leave you feeling drained, exhausted, and frazzled. Sometimes all you need to get out of this slump is some time for yourself, so I’ve rounded up the three best tips for achieving work-life balance so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled every day of the week:

Value your free time.

If you have a demanding job where you’re constantly on the move, your days off can feel like the perfect time to catch up on your zzz’s. Instead of staying in bed all day, take this free time to do something you truly enjoy. Whether it’s re-watching Queer Eye, learning a new skill online, or sitting in a park with a good book, do something fulfilling to avoid feeling FOMO while sitting at your desk during the work week.

Be honest with yourself.

Chances are you don’t have time for yourself because you’ve overcommitted. Taking on too many responsibilities can mean that you’re working through the night to finish a project, which causes you to be less productive the following day. Be honest with yourself and your boss about your availability and current work load, so that you’re not saying yes to projects when you’re already swamped.

Leave work at the office. 

Just one more e-mail can turn into three hours of working on your computer in bed, causing you to abandon your relaxing nightly routine. Try finishing all of your tasks while at work (even if it means going home a little later than usual) so that your home becomes your peaceful sanctuary instead of a second office. Believe me, it will make SUCH a difference!

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