Bottle that UP!

Lucky for us, the beverage industry has stepped up its game and it only makes sense to acknowledge this “renaissance” by cheering to these six beverage brands that are bringing it. This lineup shows love to brands that are not only shaking things up, but that are changing the way we drink and think. Whether you’re looking to fill any drink voids or not, we’ve got you covered from alcohol to non-alcohol beverages. In the words of the Most Interesting Man in the World: “Stay thirsty our friends.”

Source: The Frosted Petticoat

Stoli Crushed Vodka

Vodka can be tricky for gluten-sensitive drinkers out there due to its wheat, potato, or corn-based ingredient. But with Stoli Crushed Vodka going light is always an option! This vodka is gluten-free and “crushed” with real fruit juice, creating a refreshing and vibrant pick-me-up for your cocktail needs. The two flavors that Stoli offers are pineapple and ruby red grapefruit — yum!


Source: Joshua-s

Heineken 0.0

Yes, Heineken now offers a beer that contains 0.0% alcohol — in this case, the double O stands for “Ode to Openness.” It might be a difficult task to brew a non-alcoholic lager that tastes great but Heineken was able to create a perfect combo of fruity and malty note taste qualities to be your next go-to drink. Whether you have an early morning the next day, you want to be alert on the first date, or simply want the beer taste without the beer hangover, this 0.0 version is perfect for you.


Source: Sodastream

Sodastream Water

Ditch the bottle — Water bottles are so last season. With SodaStream Waters you’re now able to create your own sparkling water beverages in an array of flavors. With infused water being on trend, add a little kick to it with some bubbly. You can use the flavors that SodaStream offers or create your own with natural and fresh fruits and herbs like mint or strawberry, which you can use as a cocktail base. No matter what your preference is SodaStream is not just soda and you have the flexibility to stream however you like.


Source: Zola

Zola Hydrating Energy

An organic plant-based energy drink made out of coconut water? Let’s just say your dreams have been answered. No more energy drinks that leave you crashing when Zola is around. If you love coconut water you will love Zola’s sparkling energy drink infused with green tea extract. With flavors like matcha green tea, acai berry, dragon fruit, and pineapple coconut, this brand is to die for and perfect for your quenching needs.


Source: CSP Daily News

HTWO Hydrogen Water

Two words: Hydrogen. Water. Whether you’re a fitness fan or simply trying to up your water game, this is the first step to being (and feeling) well. Wellness is important and what we put in our bodies is just as vital. If you’re an avid water drinker it may be time to take it up a notch with HTWO’s hydrogen water. This drink promotes energy, boosts antioxidants, and lowers fatigue without sugar or additives. Many pro athletes drink HTWO, so if you’re ready for your body to thank you, or just want to improve your wellness game, HTWO is the way to go.


Source: Cider Culture

Ulee’s Light Cider

Ullee’s is the first craft light cider brand that only has 99 calories that is both vegan and gluten-free. Coming in two varieties, dry and Citra, the light cider does not have your average Johnny Appleseed beverage taste. Hailing from the Northwest this brand is 100% natural and most importantly 100% tasty!