The Weekend (West Coast) Edition: Aashna

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Name, age, hometown, occupation?

Aashna, 24, Fairfax, VA (currently living in Seattle!), Business Analyst

What were your original plans for the weekend as of Friday afternoon? Did any fall through?

This wasn’t a typical weekend as I had a friend visiting from back home so I planned a bunch of things and we did as many as we had time for. My friend landed around 5:30 PM on Friday evening and after she got settled in, we went to dinner at this amazing sushi place, Momiji. After dinner, we went to a couple parties at my friends’ apartments. They were great because I met a ton of new people and got to hang out with friends I don’t normally get to see very often.
Source: Yayoi Kusama
On Saturday, we got up early and went to stand in line for tickets to Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the Seattle Art Museum. This was the last weekend for the exhibit and tickets are first come first served for the same day. As soon as we got in line, we were told we wouldn’t get tickets because of the amount of people in line. I had been waiting months to see this exhibit, so I was extremely disappointed. However, there’s always something to do on a Saturday morning in the city. I remembered that I was invited to a special in-store event at the Sephora downtown for first access to Rihanna’s new make-up line! We headed straight there from the museum and spent the next hour trying and buying lots of make-up. Later that morning, a couple of my friends and I had signed up a yoga class that was glow in the dark with pumped up music and drinks. Apparently this company does themed yoga classes every month. I definitely want to go back for another themed class! After yoga, we went to a sports bar for lunch and to watch some college football. My friend and I walked around Pike Place Market after lunch. Since it was nice outside, it was a good day to hang out at the market and be by the water. We spent the evening at home watching a movie and making dinner.
Source: Pike Place Market
On Sunday, we left my house early in the morning to make the five hour journey to the northwest coast of Washington. It’s a really beautiful area on the Makah Indian Reservation. We first hiked to Cape Flattery, the furthest northwest point in the continental United States and then to Shi Shi Beach. You get amazing views of the Olympic Coast and the crazy rock formations that have taken centuries to form. I would easily make the long drive to come back out the coast and maybe even camp next time.

How much money did you spend?

Around $210 between a couple meals out, gas, Uber/Lyft rides, parking at the trailhead, and the yoga class.

Were you happy with how your weekend turned out? Was there anything you wish you did?

I was extremely happy with how my weekend turned out! The weather was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed everything we did especially hiking on Sunday. I wish we had gotten tickets to Infinity Mirrors, but I can live vicariously through other people’s Instagrams.
Source: National Park Service

Any fun plans for next weekend?

My mom is coming to visit all of next week and we’re going to spend the weekend at my cousin’s in San Francisco!

Your recommendation for the best spot on the weekends?

Pike Place Market is a classic in Seattle and one of my favorite places! Also, definitely the Olympic Coast – one of the best hikes I’ve done in Washington!

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