The Weekend Edition: Viraj

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Viraj, 18, McLean, VA, college freshman!


As of Friday afternoon, I had some exciting plans for the weekend. After a hectic first week in college, this weekend was mainly dedicated to exploring the Georgetown campus and surrounding area, a Hardwell concert, and celebrating my sister’s birthday.
I started off my Friday evening by grabbing some food at Bulldog Tavern. Located right on Georgetown’s campus, Bulldog Tavern offers delicious food with breathtaking views of the Potomac River and the neighboring Rosslyn area. After stuffing my face with chicken wings and a burger, my friends and I went to a party in Village A, an upperclassman dorm at Georgetown. Something special about Village A, or Vil A for short, is that the apartments have rooftop terraces that face the river. More than anything else, the ambiance of Vil A made for a fun night with my friends.
On Saturday, my friends and I had planned to go downtown and do some sightseeing. However, due to the remnants of Hurricane Harvey hitting the D.C. area, our plans were washed out. What do you do when it’s a cold, rainy day in the city? Go to Nando’s, of course! For those of you that are not familiar, Nando’s is a chain serving predominantly chicken dishes. By incorporating peri peri, a unique African spice, into their chicken, Nando’s has become famous worldwide for their delicious food at affordable prices. I ordered two pieces of chicken and fries, and my day was set.
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After doing some homework (and taking a food coma-induced nap), it was time for Hardwell. We eagerly set out to Echostage around 11 PM to see one of the most renown DJ’s in the industry. Being my first time at Echostage, it was a surreal experience. The music was pounding, people were dancing, and the environment was unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Although my shoes did get ruined at the concert, it was worth seeing thousands of people jam out to Hardwell’s creations!
Reeling from the fun, yet tiring time at the concert, I woke up early the next morning to come across the river to McLean, VA, to see my sister. Visiting from her new home in Chicago, she came back to McLean for her birthday weekend. After spending time with my family at home, we went for dinner at Convivial. Taking a unique twist on typical American and French dishes, we feasted on a footlong Quiche Lorraine and a Blue Crab Roll as we celebrated yet another one of her milestones.

How much money did you spend?

I spent around $13 on Nando’s, $60 for the Hardwell ticket, $10 in Uber, and around $200 at Convivial, totaling around $283.
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Were you happy with how your weekend turned out? Was there anything you wish you did?

Overall, I was extremely happy with how this weekend turned out. Although I do wish I could have gone sightseeing Saturday morning, getting to eat Nando’s was a delectable trade-off. Since I was able to spend time with both friends and family, I would classify this weekend as an ideal one for the books.

Any fun plans for next weekend?

I have no plans as of yet, but I am excited to make more friends at school and take on the Georgetown nightlife scene with them.
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Your recommendation for the best spot on the weekends?

Because it is now my new hometown, I would definitely recommend going to the Georgetown area on the weekends. Whether you would like to do some retail therapy on the bustling M Street (such as Rag & Bone or J. Crew), dine at local favorites (I would recommend Il Canale or Clyde’s), or relax along the Georgetown Waterfront Park, the area has something to offer for everyone.
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