The Weekend Edition: Paul

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Name, Age, Hometown & Occupation:

I’m Paul and I am a 22 year old recent grad from Alexandria.

What were your original plans for the weekend as of Friday afternoon? Did any fall through?

I had planned to take an awesome friend to dinner to celebrate his birthday (about 2 weeks late haha) on Saturday and on Sunday, I made arrangements to have brunch with you [ 🙂 ] and see another friend in the afternoon…everything went as planned except I couldn’t meet my friend on Sunday.

How much money did you spend?

So I spent around $200, but this was a weekend I had arranged to splurge for.

Were you happy with how your weekend turned out? Was there anything you wished you did?

Yes! The birthday dinner was a great memory! I had originally planned to go to a French Mediterranean restaurant called Requin in the Mosaic District, but ended up at a solid go-to (in my book) in Vienna called Nostos. It was definitely worth it because I got to watch a cooked bronzino fish get deboned in front of me and the brunch with you was such a great catch-up! I wish seeing my other friend had worked out, but I’m sure we will get together in the near future.

Source: The Washington Post

Any fun plans for next weekend?

Yes, I’m meeting with some foreign language loving friends for a day in DC and we are checking out some art and going to a Spanish Basque tapas bar called Anxo.

Did you discover any new spots this weekend?

Nostos 100%. What a solid, memorable restaurant. The setting is beautiful (white walls, tons of light, black and white photos reminiscent of 1960s Greece) and the food is simple, yet very well-executed.

Source: ANXO

Anything you want to share with your readers?

I am putting together a cookbook of Syrian recipes, but what makes this project different is I am compiling anecdotes for each recipe from Syrians, people of Syrian origin, or people who have a strong connection to the people and place. If you have a favorite Syrian/Levantine dish and a memory associated with it, please send the recipe and anecdote my way! Email me here!

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