The Weekend Edition.


I wanted to start a new segment of Another Long Weekend and after brainstorming ideas with multiple of my friends and colleagues, I thought of how everyone in their 20s is always reading about what people their age are doing. And honestly, I do it too 🙂

And The Weekend Edition was born!

Every Monday, you will get to read a post by a twenty-something answering some questions about their weekend, how they balance financial needs and brunch needs, their favorite spots around town and whether everyone really experiences FOMO. If you want to be featured, email

Our first Weekend Edition is below!

Name, age, hometown & occupation:

Sarah, 22, Lausanne Switzerland, recent graduate!

What were your original plans for the weekend as of Friday afternoon? Did any fall through?

This weekend was unusually busy for me. Starting on Friday, at 6pm I met a friend for happy hour at Seventh Hill Pizza, which has a great happy hour deal! We hung out at the restaurant until around 8:15 when I then had to go to Courthouse for a surprise birthday party. My roommate was throwing her boyfriend a surprise party and my job was to let people in while she and his roommate distracted him by taking him to a comedy show. It was so fun to be able to surprise our friend!!

On Saturday, I was initially meant to go for a hike by Harper’s Ferry with three of my friends, but those plans got changed to drinks instead at Dacha Beer Garden due to the weather. Before meeting the girls at Dacha, I was at the Swiss Embassy for the National Day Party. The Swiss National Day is on Tuesday, August 1st, so the Swiss Club in DC threw a party on Saturday to celebrate. It was nice to have a little taste of home and I actually won a box of hot chocolate powder in a raffle, which I am very excited about!
Sunday was my more relaxed day. I had a lazy start to my morning and only left my apartment at 2 in order to go walk a beautiful golden retriever that I’ve been dog walking for the past four days. Following the walk, I went grocery shopping, had a late lunch/early dinner (at around 5) and then went to a friend’s house where she and I watched the first four episodes of House of Cards.
Source: Dacha Beer Garden

How much money did you spend?

Excluding grocery shopping, this weekend I spent about $65 between happy hour on Friday, the ticket to the Swiss Embassy party, and drinks later that Saturday night.

Were you happy with how your weekend turned out? Was there anything you wish you did?

I’m happy the way the weekend turned out but it was definitely a very busy weekend and I don’t think I could have done anything more! I do eventually want to go hiking one of these weekends
Source: National Park Service

Any fun plans for next weekends?

As for next weekend, so far, I don’t have too many plans aside from going to Jazz in the Garden on Friday night with you and some of our other friends!

Did you discover any new spots this weekend?

A new find for me this weekend was Dacha Beer Garden, which I highly recommend. There is a great atmosphere there and its the perfect place to try different kinds of beers while eating huge pretzels.
Source: Dacha Beer Garden
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