Welcome to the new and improved Another Long Weekend!

As I sit here writing this three hours past my bedtime and with work looming early tomorrow morning, I am feeling everything but stressed because when you will be reading this, it will be on my brand new website!


Another Long Weekend began as a college diary, allowing me to find my voice as a student, a woman, a writer, but most importantly, as an adult. I am so excited to reveal my new website to you all as a place where we can help each other, where we can teach each other and learn from each other.

Having mutual respect for one another is so important these days and I hope to foster content that supports that notion from here on out.

Feel free to click around today and let me know your feedback. What kind of content would you all like to see? What kind of contests, giveaways and social media campaigns would be of interest to you? All your ideas are appreciated.

Thank you all for supporting me before, now, and in the future as I (hopefully!) reach new heights with Another Long Weekend this year!


Photo source: Brightest Young Things