How to Make Your Twenties Less of a Struggle

Life has a tendency to get difficult. And during those times, a little advice can go a long way. Take some time to read through these articles to make your twenties less of a struggle!

Advice For People In Their Early 20s

By Zen Habits

“No one has the answers. No one knows the best path you should take. No one has figured out the ultimate answer to your problem of fearing the future. The best of us just fake it and make it look like we know what we’re doing. We don’t. We’re still trying to figure it out too, and the honest truth is, most of us are either scared shitless or faking it, even to ourselves.

But you want some practical advice, I’m sure. So let me do my best here … but always remember that 1) you’re not alone, and 2) no one really has any answers, if we’re being honest.”

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20 Things I Wish I Knew At Age 20

By Cupcakes And Cashmere

“Experience makes us wiser, and now that I’m in my thirties I would never want to undo anything that happened in the previous decade—even the parts that seemed hard at the time—because it’s all brought me to where I am today. But that’s not to say there aren’t some things I wish I’d realized when I was a bit younger and figuring out life as a college student and beyond.”

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3 Things Every Twenty-Something Can Learn From Their Parents

By Career Girl Daily

“Over the years, our way of life has improved, in comparison to the lives of our grandparents. Every generation is different and all deem themselves to be ‘the better generation’, especially recently – the millennials.

Now, millennials, according to The Telegraph can be described as those born in between the 80s and 00s. Whereas their predecessors or Generation X can be described as those who were born between the early 60s and early 80s.

Although these categories are only one generation apart they are vastly different, with lots to learn from one another. So here’s 3 things Millennials could (and should!) learn from Gen X…”

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