The Most Instagram-Worthy Cafes in New York City

There might be no place in the world bursting with more cute, trendy, and Instagram-worthy cafes than New York. And thank goodness for that, because we need ‘em!

I’m getting excited for my own trip in two weeks back to New York, so I thought I would round up the best places to grab a cappuccino. If you are from the city and work from home, there are endless cafes designed to help you get ish done

. For a quick midday catch-up lunch, there are boundless opportunities for light and delicious grub. And even if you’re simply a hipster looking to do hipster things, a mustachioed baristo awaits at nearly every corner to help you curate the hippest of experiences.

But with seemingly infinite options to choose from, how’s one supposed to decide where to go? Don’t fret, faithful cafe-goer, for I’ve culled the masses and brought you the very best of the best below.

While We Were Young

Okay, it’s not a café per se, but it’s way too cool and cute to pass up.  They serve brunch and lunch, but that’s not the even the best part.  The ambiance beckons some 80s romantic dream full of pastels that leave you feeling like a Heather.  But it’s the cocktails, with names like Sleeping with Strangers, Smoke & Honey, and Text from Last Night, that will steal your beating heart.

Milk and Roses

Charter into Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a quaint experience.  It’s American cuisine with Southern Italian influence, Milk & Roses aims to please the bella donnas of the world –hey ladies, that’s us.  Its claim to fame is its cocktail by the same name pluarm, coy ambiance.

Cafe Henrie

If you didn’t get a good photo of your brunch then was it even Instagram-worthy? Cafe Henrie makes it easy with pretty blue chairs and barbie-doll pink tables that serve as excellent backdrops for avocado toasts that look like a work of art. You also can’t go wrong with their banana bread and a matcha latte.

Citizens of Chelsea

It’s a bold statement, I know, but I’m pretty sure there has never been a more Instagram-worthy meal than the equally vibrant and delicious Beetroot Hummus Toast at Citizens of Chelsea. It’s a nice stop for a quick cup of coffee, but it’s the unique and healthy brunch selection that really has Chelsea-goers swooning.

Cha Cha Matcha

If you like your matcha with a side of clever and cute, then you must make your way to this Nolita favorite that looks like it was plucked straight out of a dreamy vacation. Their pink and green decor has a cheerful vibe with the power to uplift any mood, while their tasty matcha is so good it’ll stay on your mind for days to come.

Pietro Nolita

Healthy Italian food isn’t easy to come by, which is just one of many reasons Pietro Nolita is so lovely. But one look at their Instagram feed will let you know what seriously sets this place apart from the masses, and that’s the fact that it’s all pink, all the time. Their floor-to-ceiling pink decor will have you feeling like you’re eating your brunch in the dreamiest of Instagram filters.

Ralph’s Coffee

Ralph’s Coffee is much more than a cafe — it’s a full-on experience. Nestled into the Ralph Lauren store on Fifth Ave., this secretive spot, with its fashionable decor and inviting staff, is a welcome refuge from the craziness outside. Come for the ambiance and stay for the Hemp Milk Latte.

Butler Bakeshop

Fine dining inspired breakfast pastries from the hands of Michelin star party chef, Ryan Butler –yes, please.  Plus some of the best espresso around –double espresso, double yes, please.  Located in Brooklyn where all hipsters go to snap pix of their favorite cafes & shops, this spot is well worth the trip.

Café Medi

A taste of the Mediterranean in the LES has got me jumping for joy.  With vaulted ceilings, artistic tiles, murals, and a terrace, you will feel the coast of Italy, Spain, or France just over your shoulder –at least, that’s how I felt.  They cater to vegetarians and vegans, and the standard fresh catch of the day.  And all food served family style –sharing is caring.

Spreadhouse Cafe

Don’t let the exterior fool you — once you open the door to this LES treasure, you’ll be greeted by all kinds of beautiful decor, ample cozy lounge seating, and accessible WiFi that’ll let you share your experience. And once you taste their uniquely amazing Passion Fruit doughnut, the urge to share its glory with your followers will be even stronger than the coffee.

The Bowery Market

On the northwest corner of Bowery and Great Jones sits a corrugated metal icon –and inside vendors who bring a serious game to New York City eats.  Did you know curated food exists?  Neither did I, but in NoHo it makes sense. The open-air market offers tacos, sushi, sandwiches, and vegetarian fare and, bonus, coffee which means everyone wins.

Nickel & Diner

Talk about nostalgia with a twist.  The twist –eclectic flavors meet classic dishes. This is the 1950s diner brought back to life, cleaner and squeaker than ever before.  Put on your best 50s inspired outfit complete with winged liner, red lip, and coiffure and you’re good to go.  Sit at the counter with a cup of joe or the full effect and get your Instagram on.