Back to School

Can you believe it? Summer sixteen is closing out already and it feels like spring semester finals were just yesterday. You’re totally ready to see your friends, but unprepared for the headache of packing, school work and those crazy kids in your student orgs. Here are some tips to keep your cool this year while going back to school:

1. HerCampus has an amazing, comprehensive packing list online that you can print out and start checking off items right now! If you’re moving into an apartment, there may be some items that do not apply to you or that you will have to buy that are not listed. However, the list cuts down on the amount of questioning that is prone to happen in your roommate group chat. Access the list here!

2. Lucky enough to get some federal work study aid this year? Don’t wait until you’re back on campus! Check out your university’s job portal online to see what jobs you can already apply to and, in addition, interview for before moving back. You will feel so relieved having a job lined up before the heavy burden of the semester takes over. Need to brush up your resume or interview skills? Check out The Muse for career advice, tools and mentors.

3. It’s your first class of the semester. You reach into your bag and the blood drains from your face: you forgot to buy a planner. Prevent the panic now by buying one to keep your life in order. Some of my favorites are: agendas – they come in different sizes and designs so everyone can find one that fits their lifestyle. They also have cute agenda accessories.

Passion planner – an appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook!

Moleskine planners – with 83 different planners and over 1,000 different ways to use them, there is a planner for everyone!

Rifle Paper Co. planners – if you enjoy gold-covered spiral binding, a ruler and metallic gold accents, Rifle Paper Co. has the planner for you!

4. Made new friends this summer? Get some contact info for those late nights when school is killing you and you need a friend to talk to. With technology these days, even if you or your friend don’t have an Apple product, you can video chat through good ol’ SkypeooVoo (where you can video chat with up to 12 friends and even Facebook now!

5. School can be stressful, but eating right does not have to be. Sites like Spoon University and AllRecipes have easy, fast and healthy recipes you can whip up right after your late night grad class. You won’t have to lie to your mom the next time she asks if you ate your greens 🙂