How to Defeat Online Jealousy

The downside to any social media platform is the jealousy it has the ability to create. What is important to remember is that most people post content with the intention of portraying the best versions of themselves. Therefore, what you see online is seldom the whole story. If you’re interested in reading more about fighting and defeating online jealousy, the following articles are for you!

Frida Gustavsson for Glamour France by Benjamin Vnuk / Image via Johanna Falkenby of Caroline’s World

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To What You See On The Internet

By Career Girl Daily

“Every morning I open my computer and log onto Facebook and Instagram and check my feed. When I first became a “user” or a “follower,” I was only concerned with keeping up-to-date on the latest happenings in the lives of my friends. However, over the years these platforms have provided a means to also get a closer look into the lives of celebrities.

Regardless of whether you scroll through your best friend’s Facebook during lunch or never miss an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian, you are formulating an idea of what you think a day in the life is like for these people.”

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Things Are Not Always How They Seem

By The Everygirl

“To be fair, we all enjoy snapshots of la bella vita and no one enjoys listening to complainers, but why do we persist in believing that everything comes easy to the people who have the best Instagram feeds? Why can’t we be honest about what we sacrifice and how hard we actually pinch ourselves to go after the life we want? If we could see all the scrapes and bruises that went into our friends’ vacations and cocktail parties and financial security, would we feel less alone in our own messy battles?”

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Feeling Jealous On The Internet… And 12 Ways To Make It Stop

By Pinch Of Yum

“So for today’s post, I put together a list of 12 things that have helped me break through those icky-bad feelings of online jealousy many times over the last five years as a blogger. Or, maybe I should say – ARE CURRENTLY helping me break through those icky-bad feelings, because this is not a one-and-done type situation – this is more of a lifelong quest to just know that we’re enough and to BE OKAY.”

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