How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip

1. Plan A Route

Choosing a road trip destination is always fun, but actually making the route is a step that requires more attention. Pinpoint the cities you want to visit, and estimate the times where you will have to stop to eat, sleep, and get more gas. Also, make a schedule of who will drive at what time. A detailed plan is always great, even if you end up modifying it as you go.

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2. Select A Car

Remember that you will spend a lot of time in the car, and you need to be comfortable. If you are more than two for this road trip, think about the space that you will need, including the luggage for each person.

3. Plan Some Activities

Before embarking on this adventure, choose in advance the activities that you would like to do. It will help you to plan your route consequently, and you will never end up with nothing to do.

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4. Pack Only The Essentials

To make this trip more pleasurable, bring only the essentials. Limit your luggage so it doesn’t end up taking the whole car’s space.

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5. Expect Surprises

Even if you planned everything in advance, chances are, something unexpected will happen. Don’t be disappointed; look at these unforeseen events as something that will make your trip even more memorable. This is the whole point of a road trip… no actual schedule.

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6. Create A Playlist

And the best part of a road trip… the playlist! Have fun with it! You can make different playlists for different moods and times of the day.