How to Dress for Your Body Type

Following the latest fashion trends doesn’t necessarily mean you are wearing the right clothes. You should be able to choose what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. We prepared a guide to help you dress your body.


Hourglass Shape

– To emphasise your waist, try to wear form-fitting dresses and pencil skirts. A belt can also help enhance your petite waist and your body curves. Bring attention to your neckline and shoulders.

-Use pieces with flare, like wide-leg trousers, but that aren’t too dramatic, and pair them with a slim-body top to balance the whole outfit.

Apple Or Fuller-Figured Shape 

– If this is your body type your goal is to minimise your midsection and emphasise your legs and shoulders. Find pieces that are fitted and tailored like straight skirts and trousers, and wrap dresses.

– Try to avoid loud prints (go for monochrome ones) and statement details like a big belt. Dark and solid colors will serve you well, but don’t be afraid of brights; jewel tones like a rich red and stone green are amazing.

Pear Shape 

– Draw attention to the torso to try to balance your hips and thighs. Choose tops in bold colors, big prints or with embellishments – this will make your shoulders and chest seem a bit broader. Try using bust-enhancing necklines like sweetheart necks, strapless tops and dresses.

– Try to avoid narrow-leg trousers, pinstripe suits, cropped trousers or culottes, and wear fitted styles around your waist – e.g. empire lines, wraps, and fitted lines.

Boyish Shape 

– Try to emphasize your waist for a more curvy shape, and accentuate your middle to create the illusion of a fuller bust and hips. Try pieces with statement details like pleats, poufs, and peplums. To boost your feminine figure, invest in something with bows, beading and ruffles.

– Don’t be afraid of bold prints like florals, stripes, and graphics. But keep from going overboard and choose prints in classic colours. Also, avoid straight lines from top to toe and boxy jackets or coats.

Inverted Triangle Shape

– If this is your body shape, try to emphasise your hips by creating volume using a-line pieces and ruffles. You can also use a wide belt to emphasise your waist.

– Avoid necklines that will make you look broader, such as big straps and halter neck tops.

Comment below! Are their universal pieces that flatter everyone? What do you think?