Because It’s Cold

It has been pretty #$@&%ing cold to say the least.  And as an Accutane patient, this means that 90% of the day, cold air on my face feels like sandpaper. Most people’s skin automatically gets drier when temperatures drop.  When one adds Accutane to the mix, a medicine that literally dries you up from the inside, skin care regimens can be incredibly frustrating.  However, I have recently found a routine that works for me (and can work for you as well, with or without Accutane)!

DRY SKIN: First, we have to think about cleansing our skin.  Those with dry skin should use a cream or oil-based cleanser that is designed to prevent moisture loss.  Try to also add a moisturizer with nourishing ceramides and ingredients that protect the skin — like petrolatum and dimethicone — by trapping moisture inside.  Additionally, it never hurts to add a serum with hyaluronic acid to really quench the thirst of your skin.


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OILY SKIN: The upshot of having oily skin? Many of you can skip moisturizer altogether in the summer and use light serums to hydrate and nourish instead. But oily types can benefit from more moisturization come winter. Look for a light, oil-free lotion with sunscreen to protect against cold and wind in winter months. While some may gravitate toward trying milky cleansers when instructed to use more moisturizing products, it is advised that those with oily skin continue to regularly use alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and retinoids to help control oil production. Finally, those who naturally produce more sebum should turn to serums instead of creams for retinoid use, since they’re lighter on the skin, and work AHA’s into a winter-time regimen with rinse-away cleansers since topical AHAs can be more irritating to skin in cold, dry months.


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COMBINATION SKIN: Those with both dry and oily skin know that foam cleansers can do wonders to regulate excess oil in summer months. But, now is the time for those with combination skin to switch to a cream or oil-based cleanser. Skin is drier this time of year, so you need to be careful about potentially drying cleansers, like foam formulations. Dermatologists also suggest swapping your moisturizer for a more protective hydrator if your skin is looking dry or feeling tight. Try using thicker (but oil-free) moisturizers with ceramides. Ceramides improve moisture retention in the skin by helping to prevent evaporation of water and acting as emulsifiers (ingredients that allow oils and water to combine). While different types of cleansers and moisturizers may benefit this group in cold weather, antioxidant and retinoid use should remain steady, no matter what the season; they help counter pollution’s effects on the skin and trigger the skin to produce more collagen, respectively.


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Skin regimens always take some time to make, so don’t get frustrated if your skin does not seem to show improvements quickly. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you and if problems persist, think about visiting a doctor or dermatologist as it may be related to a larger health problem. Let me know what works for you guys, or even better, what products do you use that you love? Comment below!