UnProfessional Advice: The Interview


Dear Naomi,

I have an interview for a great job once I get on campus. However, it’s a group interview. Any suggestions for how to keep my cool and not crack under pressure? I find group interviews super intimidating.


Cringing Conversationalist

Dear Cringing Conversationalist,

Yeah, group interviews can be frustrating sometimes, but no need to sweat! In reality, you will always be working with a group of people at work, so this is a great way to show how you mesh with folks. Stay calm, Talk slowly and enunciate. Sometimes, repeat what people say and build on it to have a greater idea. Additionally, when repeating an idea, your interviewers may remember the idea by you because you were the last person who talked about.

If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, say phrases like “I understand where you’re coming from. Here’s my idea…” or “That’s a great strategy, *insert name here*, and we could also do…” Positive reinforcement prevents hostility in an already stressful situation.

Check out The Daily Muse for super helpful work tips in general! Love that site and it was started by a TJ grad!!