March Madness

It’s that time of year to put your school colors on and represent your college basketball team! Whether you’re an alumni or just a fan, getting dressed up to root for your team during March Madness can be a blast. I’ve always been a little jealous of the boy’s jerseys and wondered why they don’t make them for the ladies too.  Well my friend and I decided to do a photoshoot over the weekend to style a great Game day outfit no matter what jersey you have!

Above, my friend Anna is rocking a UNC jersey for her fabulous school (just kidding, I have GW pride for life). The cute wedge sneakers, matching belt and jelly watch adds to the sporty vibe of the outfit. Because it was still a bit cold this weekend, she layered the jersey on top of a white thin long sleeve hoodie T. And if you know Anna, you can tell something is different with her hair! I got the awesome opportunity to team up with Her Campus and Garnier to try out Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Haircolor in Bronze Attitude.

As shown, Anna is a natural red head, so the color will vary depending on the color of your hair prior to dyeing. It took barely an hour and the color lasts for 2-3 days. To get an awesome March Madness look like Anna’s, follow the directions below! Additionally, check out this link from Garnier if you need help:


Wear an old T shirt or wrap a towel around your shoulders just in case things get a little messy

Make sure your hair is clean, dry and free of tangles.

Lay everything in the Garnier box on a table and put on the gloves.


o Clip back pieces of your hair that you do not want to dye, leaving the sections that you do want to dye hanging down.

o Shake the Color Styler bottle and squirt a small dollop on the tips of your fingers. Rub your fingers together a bit before applying.

o Apply a thin, even coat to desired one-inch sections of your hair. Too much might leave a rough texture, so start with a thin coat and feel free to go back and add another coat after the first one has completely dried to get a deeper color.

o Wait for your hair to dry completely (you can use a hair dryer to speed this process), then brush it through. Voila!

o If you accidentally dyed part of your hair that you don’t want colored, simply add a little bit of oil to the strands (once they have finished drying).

o Garnier Color Styler holds for about 2-3 shampoos but may last longer on chemically treated hair.

I had an interview this week and unfortunately, was not able to dye my own hair, but hope to later this week, because it was SO EASY! And there is no need to commit. You can do a ton of colors, two for school spirit, or just one. It’s easy and comes out beautiful. Garnier Color Styler is water-based and fast drying. The patented color-coat technology uses polymers and clay to help color adhere to the surface of the hair fiber and deliver vibrant pigments. When dry, Garnier Color Styler will not rub off on your clothes like other hair chalks or temporary hair dyes do.

Here is a coupon so you can try out Garnier Color Styler yourself! Use the hashtag #ColorStyler or Instagram your new temporary school spirit hair and tag @GarnierUSA and @HerCampus!

**This is a sponsored post in partnership with Garnier and Her Campus Media. All wordsand opinions are my own.