Luna Bar Chocolate Flavors

When it comes to food, LUNA’s philosophy is simple: They say no to guilt, deprivation, and dieting—yes to intuitive nutrition, pleasure, quality ingredients and, of course, chocolate. LUNA also says yes to community. From the LUNAFEST film festival and partnering withthe Breast Cancer Fund to Team LUNA Chix, they support strong, creative and committed women, coast-to-coast. Most of all, LUNA says yes to all women who wake up every day and make it happen—at work, in class, on the running path or at the playground with your kids. Whether you need a snack, need a break or just need to connect, LUNA has something for you.

The best part that I want to share with all you wonderful people is: LUNA has replaced oats with organic gluten-free oats and made sure every bar is gluten free—yet another reason to fall in love with LUNA. LUNA bars are high in calcium and folic acid, rich in antioxidants A, C, E, contain 9g protein, 4g fiber, and are all gluten free.

I was able to get a chance to try out the new LUNA Chocolate Cupcake bars as part of the HCBN LUNA Campaign. Because I tend to be in back-to-back classes, the only way I am ever able to not die of hunger is snacking between meals. These bars are delicious, very healthy and incredibly filling.  Additionally, I have eliminated gluten from diet and all LUNA bars are not gluten free, which is awesome. My favorite flavors are Lemon Zest and the brand new, Chocolate Cupcake, flavor, in stores soon!

Not sure if going gluten free is good for you? Check out this great infographic from LUNA for more helpful information:

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and stay tuned for more product reviews.